You Have to Draw the Line Somewhere

November 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I pulled a crazy last night and attended A.C. Moore’s “Moonlight Madness,” purchased a meter-long receipt’s worth of beading supplies for my bottle caps, and then paid with a check, a coupon, and had a ‘points’ card.  The line was five people long behind me by the end of it, but the good news is they were all crazy coupon ladies with carts full of crap, too.

So tonight when we went to Hanny’s on Forest Ave. and the girl rang up our tangerines as ‘medium navel oranges’ (a $.38 difference, total) I managed not to say anything.  And even when I remember they have a ‘double your money back guarantee’ and I would’ve made $2.76 on their mistake I said nothing.  Because you’re only allowed a certainly amount of crazy before people stop talking to you.

Also – I work in Westbrook/South Portland in an industrial park by the airport.  In addition to this being totally terrifying, I also realized that when there are low-flying planes flying directly above me I have the same emotional/fight or flight response as when birds fly over me.  I legitimately think poo is going to fall on me.

It could happen.

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