In a Fog

October 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been in a fog lately.

Having a hard time focusing on the positive, which is the normal M.O.  The negative is so much more appealing!  And funny.  Comedy counts for a lot the way I roll.

I think there is a paradigm shift bubbling up from under all the things that make up the fog.  They have to be there so they can be destroyed when the shift wants to reveal itself.  I’ve come to some conclusions lately, and here they are, disjointed and incomplete, which I hopefully will describe a little bit more in detail as soon as the weather clears:

-in recent years, there has been an emphasis on being a savvy consumer.  extreme couponing, etc.  I, myself, am guilty (although I do not have a garageful of deodorant.  my ONE deodorant is down to the stump.  anyways -)  I think everyone is missing the point.  Unless you’re a “Left Behind”-er, there’s no reason to stockpile for the apocalypse.  The key is to become an anti-consumer.  Re:  your grandmother, circa 1837.  Don’t shame her by buying all the Prilosec OTC at Walgreen’s just because you can.

our country is becoming useless.  More and more, jobs are being shipped off to other countries, manufacturing is being shopped out to places with cheap cheap labor.  Basically no one here knows how to do anything anymore.  Instead of just kinda hoping the product you’re buying is American-made, why don’t you actually check?  And if it isn’t, seek one out that is?  You know what’s cool?  Jiffy steamers (like, getting wrinkles out of clothes) are still made in the USA.  LL Bean boots are still manufactured in Maine.  At the minimum, at least buy second hand from any one of dozens of thrift stores in the Greater Portland (or wherever you are) area.  Those dollars stay here.

I don’t understand consequences.  I mean – I do.  But I don’t understand the more trivial ones like ‘what will happen if you don’t clean your room for six months’ and ‘what will happen if you don’t do the dishes for five days’ consequences.  I wasn’t trained to understand them.  I’d like to understand them better.

-You know what’s a good thing?  Not going on Facebook every twenty minutes.  I got stuck in the FB Vortex yesterday perpetually scrolling, not actually reading anything, for at least 10 minutes.  That’s 10 minutes I could’ve been learning about consequences or finding a Maine-grown alternative to coffee (is it possible??)


Paradigm shift… coming soon…

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