Growing Older

October 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

I turn 28 next week:  that’s not old, according to anyone I know who is even just 1 year older than me.  But it’s still older.

Descending from youth is way more fun than ascending to adulthood.  Why?  New mysteries.  One:  why do my knees hurt when I’m just sitting peacefully?  Two:  It appears my esophagus is aging less gracefully than the rest of my internal organs:  I can’t seem to lean over within two hours of dinner without puking a little.  It’s totally gross.

Next Monday the science experiment called ‘Audrey’ is turning its 28th year:  what new discoveries are in store for 2012?  Only time will tell.

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§ 2 Responses to Growing Older

  • Aging seems hard, but I have to say 28 was a good year for me! I turned 30 this past June (!!!) and it still feels weird to say, “I’m 30”. But, I look better now than I did at 20, my life is very complete, and 30 feels pretty good! Happy early Birthday!

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