Indecisive Moments #2

October 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse at Sunrise

Work brought me to Spring Point at sunrise, that’s at the tip of South Portland just past SMCC where that lighthouse sits at the end of the rock jetty.  The brother of a friend’s wife was full of baby, and they wanted some pictures from this time in their life.  I love people who think photography is worth paying for.

Early, before 7am, I walked around the grounds while the sun was still red and low, blasting the eastern sky with light.

We talked and worked for an hour.

On my way home, on Broadway, an ambulance passed by but the morning air was so quiet I could hear the sirens from a half mile down the road.

On the road a way’s down was an opossum with its head completely smashed off, crows picking at it gleefully before traffic became too heavy.  They barely moved for me.  Etiquette is so extremely relative, especially across species.

Outside a little book shop, a man stood flanked by two bins of books.  He was in a black beret, was pleasantly plump, and stood with his feet shoulder width apart and had an open book in his right hand, held at his waist.  He was looking straight ahead and smiling at the ocean.

When I got home, all the birds were warming themselves on the power lines.

East Bayside Birds by Audrey Hotchkiss

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