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The Spread! $12.28 after tax.

It is the opinion of miseenplacemaine that paying full price for anything is not the preferred method.  Observe:

This is week 2 of taking Shaw’s for all their worth.  Rather, my second week of wandering around the aisles trying to find the brand and size of the thing I’ve got a sweet coupon for, my second week of watching the numbers tally up (groceries) then tally down (coupons!), and most annoyingly my second week of enduring cashier comments about my future happy cats (9 Lives, Whiskas, etc.) and what a good couponer I am.

Maybe they don’t realize this – but this is a “I don’t qualify for food stamps but I still can’t afford to eat properly in my late 20s” mission.  I also happen to really like applied math and when it has gastrointestinal benefits I am alright with that.

Let’s not make this too hard:

Shaw’s doubles coupons. This means that for every coupon under $1.00 that you have (including .90 cents!) they will double that coupon’s value.  So, say, tonight I got instant soup with a .50 off coupon and basically got it for free because that turned in to $1.00 off and …I don’t think there’s a kind of instant soup that exists that goes over $1.00.

Sometimes Shaw’s has ‘dollar doublers.’ Some Shaw’s flyers get extra coupons attached to the cover that will double $1.00 off coupons.  Like today when I got three 4-packs of 9 Lives (they were 2/$3.00 so $4.50 for 3) with $1.00 off coupon which then was $2.00 which ended up being $2.50 for 12 cans of cat food, just over 12 cents each.  Hell yes.

Don’t talk about your coupons. People are either going to be really impressed with you or really annoyed.  Personally, I am a little impressed AND annoyed at myself for being obsessed with this.  So at the check out, just put them nicely at the end of your groceries and wait patiently as the cashier struggles with the compound fractions and subtle nuances of what you’re getting away with.

Keep an eye on the crowd. Obviously you’re just as good a customer as any non-couponing stiff.  But it really sucks if there’s only one lane open, you’re just trying to buy a candy bar and some cat litter and the girl in front of you dressed in pajamas as a stack of coupons high as a deck of cards…just annoying.  So if you can let any normal people go ahead of you before using 5 minutes of the only available cashier’s time…then do!  Karma.

So this week at Shaw’s I paid $12.28 for what originally rang up as $30 and some change.

For more thorough (and less sarcastic) information about all this jazz, visit the Money Saving Maine-iac for some schooling in what made me as crazy as I am today.


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