BULK buying mysteries uncovered…

August 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

The women at Wal-Mart (I go to the Five County there on my lunch break sometimes…and buy spray paint…or mason jars, or other items at the end of the aisles) with the carts overflowing with monolithic cubes of paper towels and toilet tissue have, up until this point, seemed so psychotic to me that I intentionally cross columns and aisles to avoid their carts cum palette jacks and any deal-tackles I presume they might make when they see that Ball jars have been “rolled back” to $6 for a dozen this week (true.)

Because, up until this point, our toilet paper buying regimen involved the following flow chart:

Woah, looks like we’re running low on toilet paper!–>

Woops, we’re out of toilet paper.–>

Use bits of paper towels for a day until environmental guilt sets in–>

Use coffee filters for another day because they’re non-bleached and MUST be better, for some reason–>

Snap out of it and buy a roll of Scot Tissue toilet paper at 7-11 for $1.19.

coffee filters are for coffee, not for your butt

This situation only got slightly better when I realized that equidistant from our apartment to 7-11 was also a Rite Aid.  Rite Aid has this cheap, acceptable quality 4-pack of TP for $1.00 extending the life cycle of the above scenario for about a week.  Don’t even get me started on how I handle tampon shortages.

So yesterday all day I had this obnoxious Walgreens coupon burning a hole in my pocket.  Because I signed up for their online whatever it is they sent me a coupon for $5 of $25.  Call me crazy, but 20% off at a place that a)is already cheap and b)carries living essentials that I will definitely go through unless something in the next two weeks puts me on a catheter or colostomy bag…well that’s pretty good!  So when I got home I told J. that part of the nights errands would be to try our hand at “stocking up.”

Well let me tell you.  Soccer moms and bargain hunters everywhere seem much less crazy to me and I’ll tell you why:

We loaded up with a 12-pack of toilet paper, 3-pack of paper towels, two candy bars and a huge thinger of Dr. Bronner’s (in lavender, to boot!) for $20, after the coupon.  So we will happily use and abuse paper products and delicious semi-religious but mostly-goodness soap for the next month or more without ever having to add them to our shopping list.

so much toilet paper we don't know what to do with it

Some other items that make me worried on a weekly basis which I may try buying in bulk:  rice, kitty litter, kitty food and beans.


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