How to Mise Tip #2: Reward Resisting Impulses

August 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Some situations that have presented themselves in the last week to me:

Scenario 1.  It’s Monday morning, and of course you forgot to pack the swiss, salami, bread and pickles you had planned for bag lunch.  Not only that but you set off the alarm at work.  Good start!  Come 12:30, you’re thumbing the menu for the generally delicious but sometimes disappointing restaurant down the street.  Even though there’s leftover pizza and soda in the fridge from last Friday’s workshop meeting.  What do you do?

Scenario 2.  You’ve just worked for 14 hours.  14.  And arriving home you find a sad situation in the fridge that is comprised of a half block of cheese, some seltzer water and, for some reason to difficult to go in to, two whole fish and a baby octopus.  You don’t even know how to begin cooking babies!  Chiang Mai II, the delicious thai place that just opened up on Washington Ave., one block away, is open for another thirty minutes.  Now what do you do?

So the normal turn of events would involve hopping in my car and getting a delicious BLT or phoning the incredibly nice family who owns Chiang Mai so that they might feed me in exchange for $7.95 (amazing prices, too, btw).  But what actually happened was I pulled the pizza box out of the fridge and cranked up the toaster oven.  I sorted through the cupboards and found chips to combine with the half block of cheese to make really awesome late night nachos.  (P.S. I put the fishes and the octopus in the freezer.  What the heck do I do to cook these?  Free food for anyone daring enough…)

In order to compensate myself for the caloric value lost from ALL THAT WORK and missed opportunity for the rush of endorphins I get whenever I “pamper” myself (food, a luxury!) I put my foot down and thought “I’ve got to figure out a way to reward this good behavior, now that my Mom can’t make me some cookies and milk and  tell me what a good job I’ve done on a regular basis…”  Hence:  my new reward system.

Every impulse resisted is rewarded by transferring $5 from my checking account to my savings account.  I’ve clocked $20 extra savings dollars this week (I usually put $30 in every payday, so this week it’s $50 total) and have actually *not* spent about twice that in impulse resistance.  Profit!  This is an easy project to stick to which is mission critical, considering how lazy I usually am.

AND I remembered that I had $20 in store credit at Find so I picked up a very cute scoopneck top with stitching details on the neckline and a vintage tennis skirt in a silky material with excellent little checker detail around the hem.  Also important to note:  I pulled two muscles in my shoulders getting stuck in the most amazing purple and black dress.  I’m cogitating some goals and rewards about getting myself back to my “college” size so that this doesn’t happen again.  And so next summer when I’m walking around in my adorable vintage tennis skirt people don’t wonder why I’m storing ham hocks in my underpants.

FYI the bathroom project is halfway done.  I just need to find the perfect fabric for the windows, shower curtain and kitty litter hideway.  Stay tuned!


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