Something Small: Trash.

August 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

All of the people in my family suffer from the fairly charming (but quickly obnoxious) feature of professional procrastination.  I grew up being supported and nurtured when I said “Oh, I’ll clean my room later, but right now it’s time to go out and play!!” leading to the inevitable thought, about three weeks later: where’s the floor and why is that pile of clothes moving?

I’m much better now.  I understand that a clean room is a doorway to harmony in other parts of my life.  But there are always these things that I just won’t DO.  Like cleaning up the hallway until my landlord asks me to, changing the litter box until it’s ABSOLUTELY time and, the topic of this post, trash bags.

Somewhere maybe 3 months ago I had the brilliant idea that Portland was just teeming with dumpsters that were unsupervised.  Instead of paying that $10 for 10 insidious blue bags we could pay $2 for 25 black ones and huck our bags in any dumpster we’d please!

So we did it for about two weeks (2 trash bags) and one of them made it to a landfill somehow or other, I honestly don’t remember.  But there was just ONE sitting under the porch, a symbol of failure for that brilliant idea which (not so brilliantly) lacked the foresight that I’d have to put trash in my car (soccer mom.  gross.) and, even if I was okay with that, there’s no room in my car because I have an enormous vintage print dryer for photographs weighing down my trunk taking up all the room:  another procrastination gem.

So finally last night we did it.  We just walked downstairs and put that cheap, durable hefty bag in to a flimsy, easy-to-rip blue bag, dropped it on the curb and admitted defeat.  But overriding the defeat?  The same immense, “unjustified sense of satisfaction for doing something easy and small that I should have done months ago” that I get when I put windshield wiper fluid in my car or sweep the floor.



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